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Prep Star Lacrosse was founded in 2018 by Luke Duprey and Josh Dionne as New England's premier lacrosse instructional and developmental academy. We are an academy designed to fundamentally develop players to be the best lacrosse athletes they can be. 

In the summer, fall and winter we help New England lacrosse players learn and work toward their goal of becoming a great lacrosse player. Whether your goal is to make your high school team, top club team, or earn a college commitment we have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goal. With over 300 college lacrosse programs across 4 divisions, playing college lacrosse is a very real prospect for anyone who's made that their goal. 

Prep Star was founded to fill a void left by the school and club lacrosse system. Due to the overwhelming rise in popularity of our sport, programs have been forced to take on more players, more teams and play in more tournaments. As a result, individual fundamental player development is often limited and overlooked when in reality it is the most important aspect of reaching any lacrosse goal. That is why Prep Star focuses it's emphasis on individual athlete development by teaching the finer details of your position while we help you master the fundamentals. At Prep Star Lacrosse we want to teach you the very same fundamental techniques that can benefit you for any level of play.